In the Tradition - Menu at €41.00

Nougat of Duck Foie Gras with Pistachios and Candied Orange,
Apple and Vanilla Cream, Gingerbread
Roast Vegetable Salad served with Lemon and Basil Vinaigrette,
Prawns with Espelette Pepper and Mini Mozzarella
Fresh Crayfish Ravioli, Tarragon and Whole-Grain Mustard,Piquillos and Thyme Emulsion, Bisque
Medium-rare Albacore Tuna, Lentils and Vegetable Vinaigrette, Mashed White Celery
Roasted Filet of Sea Bass, Creamy Rice Pasta with Asparagus
and Mushrooms, Green Vegetables
Duck Breast with Teriyaki Sauce, Mango and Apple Chutney, Mashed Potatoe with Thyme
Slow-cooked Lamb, Sweet Potatoe and Cumin Purée, Coconut Sauce
Selection of Cheeses or
Millefeuille with Caramelized Maple Syrup or
Chocolate Charlotte with Griotte Cherries or
Gascon Fritters with Prunes and Armagnac Ice Cream